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ImproveWell and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

The team at Treliske Hospital explaining how they have been successfully using ImproveWell.

Analyse what's going on and implement real change

We’re capturing what works well, what doesn’t and collecting improvement ideas from those who want to drive change. “Making improvement happen also requires unshakeable belief in the idea that everyone in healthcare really has two jobs when they come to work every day: to do their work and to improve it.” Paul Batalden, Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The platform: at a glance


Android, iOS and web browsers

Share ideas

Users can suggest improvement ideas and monitor their progress and implementation

Sentiment analysis

Users can share how their day at work is going

Unlimited surveys

Tailored surveys, built and delivered in-app, with multiple question and answer types

Unlimited projects

Run multiple projects, tailored to team themes and objectives

Push notifications

Targeted push notifications and user prompts e.g. to complete surveys

In-app charts

Users can monitor their own sense of enjoyment at work over time

In-app dashboard

Supports Team Managers so they can respond to ideas directly through the app


Publish monthly reports or upload bespoke PDF notices in-app

Observer logins

View only login dashboard capabilities e.g. collaborate with sponsors

Data visualisation

Detect trends, shifts or cycles